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Here you can find out more about the companies, institutions and professionals that are part of the RuralAcademy Roving.
At the bottom you will find a section about the products and services offered by all our partners.


Starkmacher e.V

The idea is simple: We from the association Starkmacher e.V. are convinced that inside of every person there is treasure, something valuable – we want to make that visible and useful for our society. In doing so we work together with partners from various areas of living and working and benefit from knowledge transfer, established infrastructures and many interesting contacts, which continually create new perspectives for the implementation thereof.

Preset Platform

Preset Platform is a free-space co-working platform, which gives visibility to different initiatives and projects at an international level, and brings together the different actors that put instruments to the public and users that can use these instruments. In this way the different actors can get in touch and develop the activities and programs. They are all members of the large Preset community.


Education and planning for sustainable agriculture

Veraterra develops two projects in ecological and sustainable agriculture:
- Farm design: economic planning, functional and landscape of multifunctional agricultural realities
- Rural academy: the design, implementation and management of agricultural educational programs set up with the concepts of learning and making social inclusion.

Terre di Loppiano

"Terre di Loppiano" are synonymous with "living well and feeling social" dictated by an authentic passion for organic agriculture towards a vision of a common commitment to human health and the life of the earth, networking among themselves producers, distributors, shops and consumers to contribute to a world that cultivates a better future every day.

Fazenda da Esperança

Fazenda da Esperança is a therapeutic community with more than 30 years of experience in the recovery of young addicts. Evaluated as the largest work in Latin America developing this activity and helping thousands of families, it is currently in 15 countries from the west to the east. His work is based on the tripod: coexistence in the family, work as a pedagogical process and spirituality to find a sense of life.

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NAK Agrárszolgáltató Nonprofit Kft. provides the stakeholders of agri-food sector with services. Our clients are natural persons (farmers) and small enterprises. Our main services are the following: organizing trainings and courses for farmers, consultancy for access of Rural Development Fund, running an accredited Consultancy Service Center, making fertilizing plans.

County governor of hordaland

The County Governor is the chief representative of the King and Government, and work to ensure that decisions of the Storting and Government are implemented correctly. Department of agriculture plays a role in business development, knowledge and culture development.


The Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) is a research and expert organisation that works to advance the bioeconomy and the sustainable use of natural resources. Researchers and specialists working in Luke provide new solutions towards the sustainable development of the Finnish bioeconomy and the promotion of new biobased businesses. Together with our partners we will build a society based on bioeconomy.


MAPO - Argentine movement for organic production

The fundamental objectives of MAPO are:

* Promote organic production,

* Disseminate and demonstrate to the community the benefits of the production system and organic food,

* Ensure the quality and transparency of the organic and

* Express with one voice in defense of the Organic Movement and its members.

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